Interview with Jon Quam

Jon Quam is the Director of U.S. Space and Rocket Centre and Director, National Teacher of the Year Program, Council of Chief State School Officers.

Dr Syeda Kareema Ghouse, Founder and President of Indian Astronomy Group, an amateur scientist and a trained educator of NASA, had an exclusive discussion with Jon Quam

In his last 25 years as a Director of Council of Chief State School Officers, he discussed the prominence of the council in providing professional training and real time opportunities for the teachers. Visiting the International Space Camp, US Space and Rocket Centre, Huntsville, Alabama is one of the privileges that the council bestows on it's members.

With over 25 years of Experience in the fields of Space and Rocket Research, Mr Quam remarks that US Space and Rocket Centre, Huntsville,AL is the safe place to stretch and learn for the teachers and students alike. "Safe place to be unsafe" as he puts the words for the great professional development and opportunities that is provided at the International Camp unlike other training centres.

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