Educational Tour to NASA

TIn the wake of epoch where the speculation of a human being is not merely limited to the realm of the earth and its atmosphere, the generation tends to explore much beyond the conventions of our planet. Hence it becomes a need of an hour to establish correlation with advancements in the Astronomical Science and keep up with the pace of global achievements.

Astronomy proves to be very exciting and challenging subject which involves many of the other sciences such as physics, mathematics, chemistry and geology, and more recently, as the sources claim, even paleontology and biology.

Astronomical science, be it at starter level, starts attracting the students because it promises the out-of world experience. It might turn as an engrossing hobby for people of all ages, and in the best cases, it might determine their individual professional career. Thus the importance for modeling their interest in Astronomy arises even at the school level. Indian Astronomy Group identifies the young aspirants who show keen interest and enthusiasm in the Astrophysics. The selected students, ranging from the age group of IV Standard to X Standard are groomed rigorously with the basics of Astronomical Sciences and their hypothetical inceptions are


strengthened by a visit to NASA,which provides them a solid footage to further enhance their interest in astronomy and endure their skills and motivate them for supplementing their knowledge hereby laying firm foundation for their Astronomical comprehension.

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